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After-sales service commitment

The company is a special automobile manufacturing enterprise with independent research and development capabilities. Over the years through the unremitting efforts of all employees of the company, has formed a complete design, manufacturing, sales, quality testing and after-sales service industry chain. After-sales service is an important pillar in our company's pre-sale, sale and after-sales links. Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the company's production capacity and the development of export trade, the after-sales service system has been improved.

Service system

First, the service system is an important part of the quality management system.
Second, service guarantee: The company's service is to strictly implement the company's procedural documents and quality manuals, combined with the requirements of the market and users, to give protection.

Third, service tenet: professional create value, integrity cast the future!

4. Service organization: The after-sales service department under the sales company ** is responsible for the company's after-sales service and the management of the service work of the overseas agencies.

Service principle

Under the condition that the user strictly follows the instruction manual and operates normally, within one year from the date of purchase of the car (subject to the vehicle factory registration card), the driving mileage is not more than 25,000 kilometers, and the product parts damaged due to design, manufacturing and assembly reasons are identified by the relevant automobile service station and supervision department. Within three working days to our company's after-sales service department to submit written information, after-sales service department confirmed after the implementation of three guarantees of service.

Specific services are as follows:

1, the three guarantee service period of product quality to repair, repair costs are free (excluding wearing parts and electrical parts).

2, lifetime warranty. For products that exceed the warranty period, only relevant cost fees will be charged for replacement parts.

3, free operator training:

(1) Our factory arranges for on-site guidance by ** engineers to learn theory and practical operation;
(2) Master the basic theory, performance and function of special vehicles;
(3) According to the program can skillfully operate;
(4) Can carry out normal daily maintenance and eliminate general technical faults.

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