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The tank car braking technique is static braking

Presumably every driver has experienced the situation of "nodding" when driving, the so-called "nodding" is because the braking is too strong, resulting in a sudden stop of the wheel, the body under the action of inertia to maintain the momentum of the forward, so there is a downward downward situation. At this time, the person sitting in the car will feel very uncomfortable, the upper body will rush forward due to inertia, and then hit the backrest heavily. Unless there is an emergency, the "nod" is due to poor braking skills. To drive a good car, the light will step on the accelerator and direction is far from enough, braking skills are not only related to comfort, but also to safety. The tank car manufacturers are going to talk to you about braking skills today.

The braking technique we talk about is to slow down or stop the tank car as smoothly as possible under the condition of ensuring safety. The ideal situation is that the car does not "nod" when braking, and the occupants do not feel a setback. The following is an analysis of several typical situations that are often encountered in daily driving.

Prevent "nodding" braking tips

That is, the braking technique of smooth parking, smooth parking is often encountered, such as in front of the red light, the vehicle will stop in turn. Many beginners do not master the braking timing and braking force, often more blunt braking, parking due to the braking force is large, the car is easy to "nod" the situation, sitting in the car is very uncomfortable. Therefore, through constant exploration and practice, try to stop smoothly.

Under the premise of sufficient braking distance, the brake pedal should be slowly and continuously pressed during braking to slow down the car evenly. When the body tends to stop, the brake pedal should be slowly lifted until it is completely released when it stops. The size of the initial braking force is determined by the braking distance, the shorter the distance, the larger the initial braking force.

There are two things that are important to a smooth stop. One is to overcome the fear that the car can not stop and hit the front car or obstacles. The second is to maximize the strength of the right foot on the brake pedal, to slowly increase the force first, and then slowly collect the force. Depending on the braking distance, determine the speed of applying and retracting force. When practicing, find a reference object that is not afraid of collision, practice repeatedly on a flat road, and gradually accelerate the speed until it is comfortable.

Following car anti-rear-end braking skills

The main purpose of braking when following the car is to maintain a safe distance from the front car, that is, to maintain a basically consistent speed with the front car through braking. Therefore, the key to the braking technique of the tank car is to gently press the brake pedal, maintain the braking force, and then increase or decrease the braking force according to the speed of the front car.

When the specific braking, when it is found that the front car begins to brake (the front car brake light is lit), put your foot on the brake pedal, uniform acceleration and smooth deceleration ** is basically the same as the speed of the front car, maintain the position of the brake pedal, and then observe the speed change of the front car, if the front car continues to brake, you should also follow the brake; If the speed of the car in front is no longer decreasing, you should slowly release the brake pedal, accelerate forward, and continue to maintain the same speed as the car in front of you.

Slope braking technique

The technique of uphill braking is similar to that of flat road, but due to the deceleration effect brought by the body mass, the braking force is slightly smaller than that of flat road driving. Uphill braking should also be slow braking, which is slower than flat road driving, but the speed of releasing the brake pedal should be faster than flat road, so as to ensure that the speed will not be excessive. Because the speed of the manual transmission tank car is too fast to drop, it is easy to lead to improper gear, too low gear will make the body shake, so pay attention to timely shift after the uphill braking.

Downhill braking is a little more complicated, not only to use the braking system braking, but also to use the engine braking. Downhill, especially the long slope do not use the brake for a long time, so it is easy to cause the brake friction sheet to overheat, resulting in reduced braking efficiency, in order to prevent this, the manual shift tank car using low gear downhill is necessary, generally speaking, the use of 3 gear can be. For the automatic car, the initial downhill can not refuel or slow refueling, keep the speed slowly increase, if necessary, the use of point braking to speed.

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