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What are the main functions of the compressed garbage truck?

What are the main functions of the compressed garbage truck?

The post-loading truck, also known as the compressed garbage truck, is a new type of garbage collection, transportation, to avoid secondary pollution of the sanitation truck. After the installation is used for docking with the trash can and the funnel, combined with the mobile garbage transfer station, to realize the collection and removal of more than one bucket of pollution-free garbage. Effectively prevent secondary pollution caused by falling and flying during collection and transportation.

Gas, electricity, hydraulic combination. The vehicle system makes full use of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic power. Pneumatic control system by the electronic control system, hydraulic valve group by the pneumatic control system, high reliability, high efficiency.

The compressed garbage truck is turned off during compression, filling and transportation. The sewage tank comes with a drainage valve, which is tightly sealed and not easy to plug. The optional filler completely covers the filler supply port, eliminating the dust and dirt flying caused by the turbulence of the tail gas flow during the conveying process, making the appearance more beautiful.


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