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Summer tank car tire maintenance tips

In the face of rising high temperatures in summer, the vehicle is driving on the dry and hot road surface, and the tire pressure will also rise, which directly affects the safety of the vehicle, and the more dangerous may occur. The maintenance of summer tires has become a topic of concern for tanker drivers at present, and tanker manufacturers provide you with several major moves for reference:

Tip: Choose good quality tires and replace tires timely.

There are many reasons for a flat tire, and the deterioration of tire performance is the culprit. When the tire is gradually worn, the steel wire layer is gradually tired, and the tread is aging, its performance is bound to weaken. Therefore, in the hot summer, we must first ensure that the tanker is using a high-quality "healthy" tire.

Tip: Always check the tire pressure, including the spare tire pressure.

In the hot summer, the tire is in contact with the hot ground, and if the tire pressure is high, it is likely to lead to a puncture. Therefore, do not let the tire pressure be too high when driving at high temperatures, and the necessary checks should be carried out before the tanker goes out.

The third trick: If it is found that the tire temperature and tire pressure are too high, it can not be deflated and poured cold water, and it should be parked in a cool place to make the tire temperature and pressure drop naturally.

The fourth trick: When the tanker is running, do not often carry out rapid acceleration, rapid braking and rapid steering and other abnormal driving.

Because such a driving mode will cause a sharp deformation of the tire, easy to wear too fast, resulting in tire burst.


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