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Tank car manufacturers green driving seven tips

Tip 1: No need for an original geothermal vehicle

Under normal circumstances, many tank car owners will stay in place after the cold car starts and idle the hot car. However, if you do this for more than 1 minute, the loss of the engine will be very large. Research data show that doing so not only increases the risk of engine failure by 2.7%, but also increases carbon dioxide emissions by 11.3%, which is "harmful to others." Moreover, the original geothermal vehicle will also make the water in the exhaust pipe can not be discharged, resulting in rust in the exhaust pipe, and even the most serious will be corroded and perforated.

Tank car manufacturers green driving advice: no need for the original geothermal vehicle. When the tank car has just started, do not accelerate immediately, slow down for a few minutes, let the engine gradually warm up, and then accelerate evenly.

Tip two: Stop for more than a minute to turn off the engine

When stuck in traffic or at a red light, the vast majority of tanker owners put themselves in neutral, pull the handbrake, and wait quietly. However, the data obtained from the test proved that the engine idling in neutral for 3 minutes burned enough fuel to allow the car to travel 1 km more. Because of this, in order to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions in Europe, stopping immediately has been enforced as a legal regulation.

Green driving advice: In the case of stopping at traffic lights for more than 1 minute, idling in traffic jams for more than 4 minutes and parking, you must remember to turn off the engine. Even if you wait only 1 minute, restarting is more fuel efficient than idling.

Tip 3: Don't talk on your cell phone while driving

According to the study, tanker drivers unconsciously reduced their speed by an average of 17 percent when dialing a mobile phone while driving, and the risk of missing a junction increased by 40 percent. If time is included in the environmental category, driving on the phone will also waste an average of 7% of the driver's time in an environmentally unfriendly way. In addition, in most cities, if you are caught using a mobile phone while driving, you will be fined and have points deducted, which is actually not cost-effective.

Green driving advice: Turn the mobile phone to silent when getting on the car, get off the car and then make a call. If there is a Bluetooth speakerphone system in the car, it is also a more convenient choice, but it should be used as little as possible.

Tip 4: Don't open the window when the speed is over 60

All car manufacturers have been doing their best to reduce the drag coefficient of vehicles. But open Windows can undo all these efforts. Tests show that when the window is opened, the wind resistance of the car will be increased by 30% less. Zhou Yong offered a vivid analogy: "Imagine what it would be like to have a sail on top of a car? The effect of opening the window at high speed is basically similar!"

Green driving advice: When the speed is higher than 60 kilometers per hour or the wind is relatively strong, try to close the Windows.

Tip 5: Turn off electrical appliances after getting out of the car

Nowadays, the car with a variety of power consumption equipment more and more, so that everyone feels comfortable and convenient, they are also unconsciously increasing people's fuel expenses. The test results indicate that the rear windscreen heater is used for 10 hours, and the vehicle fuel consumption will increase by 1 liter. Therefore, do not think that the car electricity is not like the home plug card does not spend money, in fact, the power consumption of the car is far more expensive than the usual home to buy electricity.

Green driving advice: Remember to turn off all electrical appliances when getting off, including the radio, air conditioning, window heating system, etc. Otherwise, they may turn on automatically the next time you start the car.

Tip 6: Normal tire pressure can save fuel 3%

The tires of a car are like the shoes that people wear. Imagine running in slippers. It's not only hard, but it can also wear your feet out. The same thing happens when the tire pressure is not enough. Data show that as long as there is a tire less than 40KPa, the tire will reduce the life of 10,000 kilometers, and will also increase the total fuel consumption of the car by 3%. The tire pressure tested in line with the manufacturer's requirements can reduce fuel consumption by about 3.3%. If the tire pressure is reduced by 30%, when the car is traveling at 40 km/h, the car's fuel consumption will increase by 5%-10%.

Green driving advice: habitually look at the tire before getting on the car, if it feels a little flat, quickly measure the tire pressure. In addition, do not forget the spare tire when checking the tire pressure, so that you will not find the spare tire pressure is insufficient when you need to change the tire.

Tip 7: Slow refueling can reduce noise

Tank car manufacturers remind: a heavy refueling and slow refueling, the same speed, the fuel consumption difference of up to 12 ml, per kilometer will cause 0.4 grams of excess carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, due to the strong friction between the tire and the ground caused by rapid acceleration, the noise pollution is 7-10 times that of uniform driving, and the tire wear will increase by 70 times, and the rear-end risk will increase by 4.3 times. In addition, the occupants of the vehicle may also feel significant discomfort.

Green driving advice: consciously control your right foot and make it more "gentle".


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