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Oil tanker wet road driving safety is one of the slow down

The recent rains have not only lowered the temperature a lot, but the slippery roads have also added a lot of trouble to drivers. Tanker manufacturers remind owners to pay attention to the following points when driving on slippery roads:

** Rule: Slow down! On wet roads, the adhesion of rubber tires will be greatly reduced. The cornering speed must be reduced and the braking distance increased.

The tanker keeps a braking distance of 2-3 seconds between its own car and the car in front of it on dry asphalt pavement to allow time to react to an emergency. On other roads or in rainy weather, this interval should be doubled.

Keep light contact with the steering wheel, gas pedal and brake on the road where the brakes are falling, to avoid sudden or violent movements. In these conditions, good tires, good suspension and all-wheel drive help a lot.

In addition, when the tanker is running on the road with low adhesion, the accelerator pedal should be carefully used to keep the car moving at a constant speed.


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